Child Protection Mediation

Communicate. Negotiate. Create a Solution together.

Child Protection Mediation offers families and the possibility of resolving a child welfare matter with a children’s aid society without, or instead of, going to court. It is voluntary and independent.

Reaching agreement about the rights and interests of children at any time can be complicated and emotional. Child Protection Mediation provides a chance to talk matters out and reach an agreement that is acceptable to all. The mediator meets separately with each party first, to understand their views, interests and concerns and then sets up a mediation that all parties attend.

Topics to mediate may include terms of a supervision order, child placement, custody and access, open adoption, services to a family, developing a plan for the return of a child to a parent’s care or making a plan that is agreeable about a child’s safety. When an agreement is reached the mediator will record the information in an Agreement for all to sign.

Ministry of Children and Youth Services

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Ontario Association for Family Mediation

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